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Thursday, September 30, 2010


1.i still remember how obligated my teachers are during childhood. Which Ever races they are they treat us with equality and respect. Of course that means we will be punish without favor and fear. And my dad, if complaint about school will add-up the punishment more.

2.During the end 70s, everybody is very obligated towards work. The JKR team produce very good quality road construction. Although at that time, that is not many roads there. the supervisor or mandur will care if the specs is not meet the specification.

3.My dad always told me how, serious everyone is in constructing roads, pipelines,bridges and buildings.Everyone is obligated and such they produce good quality work.They care for their work. it is important for the art.Maybe the engineer than are from British Expatriate.

4.Now nobody seems to care about their work, for past weeks i have passing a road near my house and this road is now like a river. Water flows from the project site which is blocking retention water from RRIM and such create overflow in from on Petronas in Jalan Cakerawala.Sad, MBSA,JKR or who ever that are involve don't care of such situation.This river flow now is causing damage to the existing road which is constructed when our Honorable DPM visit the school in January.

5. By summer fall, i think this road will be damage, the people will face maintenance issues, cause the suspension will be faulty. the road will be ready for repair work. Worst, this could cause sand erosion and might cause life. May Allah protect us. Such a mojor issues been overlooked by many agencies. But if one of the resident doing renovation, quickly there will be MBSA people, coming to seek permit for work.i dont know which is important now.

6. Cross the nation, this absence of obligation can be seen everywhere. In school, where teachers is converting the teachers corner to be new superstore.where you can buy everything under the sun.and many more absence of obligations.can be sense everywhere.  

Saturday, September 25, 2010

400 Billion MPD (Mass Project Development) for Kelantan

1.Wow, i am astonished that a local kelantan company able to get 400 Billion funds in to development in Kelantan.A miracle happened overnight. It potrey the credibility that The Kelantan goverment able to bring in value to the state.

2.And amazingly 4 Billion of this (As reported by local media with photos and the mock cheque)will go through PAS government for assistant of infrastructure development.

3.But everyone knows this FDI or PFI or any I's is only a dream today. But true facts how complacent or naive a person could be to believe this is even real. For the record even my youngest son knew this is on cartoon story. Maybe BECKKOM a famous anime in Ceria TV will reflect this better.

4.But the true facts remain that the person who accept the cheque are Ke lantan MB close families, and shows that this people have no credibility to run finance or managing finance for the people. SAD they are Malays and graduate from Islamic school.

5. Also i don't understand , why the State CFO is not consulted and the state legal Secretary when they have access to all this resources.

6. Conclusion, i advise the people not to even think for people like this as they will lead us to total dist ructions.May allah protect all of us.

7. Finally the people who make the act is immensely funny, but the person who accepted the act are pure stupidity.

Monday, September 20, 2010


1.I would like to congrats the government for it's initiative to develop such program for misleads girl for having pre marital sex and pregnant.

2.This is a taboo amongst the Muslim and malay community to accept such act and most of the cases being sanction out and left alone. some was chase out from the house and leave a bitter life.

3.At least this is a venue to assist the victim for a second chance in life and moving on, and become a better person and improve their lives by continue to study.

4.Not a single person should stop the rights for people to study and improve themselves. this is a Democratic country everyone have rights for education.

5.The government has shown the critical thinking by mooting this idea forward and make it a reality.

6.May this big effort will lead to much more cohesive environment for the victim. and subsequently educate them to be more careful and prevent such act even from happening.

7.The only way forward is education.....get educate and safe life's...

Saturday, September 18, 2010


1.The facts Mathematically that malaysia population are 60+ percent Malays shows that. We should control 60% of the economy.

2.What will happened in 2 generations to come. Will we achieve 60% economic control in our country.

3. Looking in the climate and people, i do have believe that the Malays will succeed. BUT, undoubtedly we need another 10 years to make the full cycle of power.

4.Many young Malays, has been very active in online business. participate in selling retail product in shopping mall. Produce own product like simplisiti (though we rely on others technology)

5. What i urged that, the government should accelerate the Research and development program, particularly in Universities and Education platform.

6. We need more product, which we can call our own. The public will not be able to invest and develop own products!!..Not for NOW.

7. What will be installed for us in next 10 years? will the Malays Change the equity participation? Insyaallah..

Friday, September 17, 2010


1.It is unbelievable how evil can a person be in doing fraud and create act of murder. no doubt it is done to covered lies and as usual lies create more lies and create evil at the end.

2.The case mark to best achievement of PDRM to crack wrong doers. how the case is done and manage was amazing. that's why we are one of the best 5 in the world.

3.It doesn't happened overnight. It is work that has been done by PDRM for last 200 Years in service.

4. This case also create a huge chain effects of other crime created by the doers.lies create lies and lies and lies and at the end create evil.

5.Allah Suroh 83 on Cheating:

."Woe to those that deal in fraud,Those who, when they have to receive by measure from men, exact full measure,But when they have to give by measure or weight to men, give less than due.Do they not think that they will be called to account?-On a Mighty Day"

6. Lets all of us pray that we will not be cross path with this kind of human/Devil that will at no course respect life and justice the one who called themselves, and they are, vow at the BAR to protect the truth and nothing but the truth.

7. May Allah protect us all.....

Thursday, September 16, 2010


Writing has never been something i love to do. But working is about to Pen your ideas and thoughts. mostly business ideas, strategy and business proposals.

Well i am good at writing proposals, mainly using best practices, which i have been working for many-many years in Telecom and IT space.

This months, has been a very memorable moments for me and my family..we started to have our own platform for business. I hope all the years of experience will be use wisely for the benefits of everyone and the team.